Here at Birmingham Tutor Company we supply people with one to one tutoring and work with the best establishment in our eyes at finding you the cheapest and quickest exam which is MME. They look to find a provider who will give you your results as soon as they can. If you are looking to require an English GCSE or equivalent qualification, functional skills level 2 English qualification is accepted by Universities. The reason why this qualification is accepted by Universities and employers is because it has been regulated by Ofqual and approved by the UK government.

The functional skills level 2 English online exam will look at your writing, reading and speaking listening and communicating skills by having an exam separately for all three of them. The first two exams are on the same day, one after each other and the speaking, listening and communicating exam will be on a different day. If you struggled on one of the exams, don’t worry, you will only have to resit that exam but you do have to pass all three exams to achieve your qualification.

When booking your exam, there are two different ways this can be done. You can use the online booking system and book the exam yourself or you can contact MME who we have partnered with, who will look at what date best suits you and finds you the cheapest exam that provides you with the quickest turnaround for your results. You can email them at or if you prefer to call them then you can on 020 3633 5145. After the exam has been arranged, you will be given the functional skills resources for the chosen exam. These resources can be used even if your exam is with Edexcel or City and Guilds functional skills qualification.