Functional Skills Level 2 is an alternative qualification to a GCSE Grade C or Level 4, which is widely accepted by Universities and employers in the UK. This qualification is Ofqual approved which is the highest form of the regulation in the country. This qualification is particularly useful for those who are yet to obtain their GCSE’s or whose overseas qualifications aren’t recognised by the education system. 


The maths and English Functional Skills Level 2 qualifications develop practical skills that will help you develop a basic understanding of both subjects which employers and recruiters of all kinds look for. This qualification is typically seen as more realistic than the actual GCSE as it uses real life example scenarios in the questions whereas the GCSE tends to be more abstract. The Functional Skills Level 2 exams offers moe flexibility to learners as it can be sat anytime in the year unlike GCSE exams that can only be taken twice a year.


If you are in full time education and aged 19 or under you will be entitled to a free Functional Skills Level 2 exam. If you do not meet these requirements then you will likely have to fund the course yourself. For the cheapest online Functional Skills Level 2 courses and exams, we recommend Pass Functional Skills.