We at the Birmingham Tutor Company assist students in advancing and progressing in their studies. The functional skills courses are becoming a very popular option for those who are in need of qualifications for jobs or to enter further education. These qualifications that consist of Maths and English courses are equivalent to GCSEs, which is a very useful thing to have. Especially for those who are looking to use the qualifications to get a job or proceed into higher education like nursing. For people who are wanting to go through an apprenticeship programme, it is a requirement to have a set of qualifications that is equivalent to a GCSE maths and English grade C. In any plans a student may have for their future careers, the functional skills courses are a great option for everyone. 


Providers of functional skills courses are available in many different places but it is very important to make sure that they are Ofqual regulated. We have a number of maths and English courses that we highly recommend as they have proven to be successful and they are Ofqual regulated as well. The courses have many practice questions and exam questions that learners can work through to train and test their knowledge of the subjects. Not forgetting the video tutorials that are also available to the students so that they can watch explanations on how to solve different kinds of problems. 


There are many questions that are frequently asked about this course. Here are a few questions that we often get:


Can the course be done from home?

Yes, the courses can be done from home or anywhere you feel most comfortable. It also gives you the freedom of doing it in your own time.


Will these qualifications allow me to get into University?

Yes. You must make sure that the qualification is Ofqual regulated as that is accepted as a GCSE equivalent. 


What is the equivalent of a Functional Skills qualification?

It is equivalent to a Level 4 or a GCSE grade C.


How long does a Functional Skills course take to complete?

This will depend on the course you have chosen and how fast you learn. The recommended study time is around 50 hours for each qualification, so around 100 hours in total for both maths and English.