At Birmingham Tutor Company, providing an exemplary service supporting students undertaking functional skills courses is a main goal. 

Functional Skills are acquiring qualifications in the subjects of English, Maths and ICT. Passing these courses will improve chances of getting into universities and to improve chances of job opportunities in future career paths. This also ties into apprenticeship programs.


Maths and English are the most popular qualifications by far as they are the main qualifications required by employers and university courses. Taking these courses are a great way to acquire a new career path or to learn a new subject to then progress again into a new career.


Functional skills is simply, a pass or fail qualification. This means only a certain percentage is needed to pass the exam to then be awarded with the qualification. Depending on the exam itself and also the difficulty of the exam the pass mark can be between 50%-60%.


You can register for a functional skills course by first off, checking if it’s Ofqual regulated. This can be done by contacting an exam center such as Pass Functional Skills. The best and correct course materials will be offered and any important information needed.


If you need to get in contact please do as soon as possible.