12 Aug

GCSE Biology Revision

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Here at Birminghamtutorcompany, we work daily to make sure all of our learners are given the help they need with their GCSE biology revision and other core subjects. Biology is a subject that many learners find difficult as there are many facts to remember but there are fewer mathematical problems to solve in comparison to [...]

4 Aug

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Book

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At Birmingham Tutor Company our main aim is to support all learners/students of all ages with the qualifications they wish to achieve, our main focus is the functional skills exams such as math and english. The functional skills exams are increasingly becoming more and more popular and more so than the traditional GCSE exams due [...]

4 Aug

Predicted Papers

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We believe that learners need the best resources to pass their exams and that there are many new innovative materials that are exactly that. One of the newer resources that has seen quite the increase in popularity are the predicted papers. The pandemic put us all in a situation where people have to find different [...]

11 Jul

GCSE Maths Past Papers

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Being prepared for an exam is a huge confidence boost. Here at Birmingham Tutor Company we want to make sure all students are as prepared as possible to set them up for their future careers wherever that will be. One key part of exam prep is the resources available in the study period.  GCSE Maths [...]

24 Jun

What are functional skills?

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At Birmingham Tutor Company, providing an exemplary service supporting students undertaking functional skills courses is a main goal.  Functional Skills are acquiring qualifications in the subjects of English, Maths and ICT. Passing these courses will improve chances of getting into universities and to improve chances of job opportunities in future career paths. This also ties [...]

14 Jun

GCSE Equivalency Tests

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Here at the Birmingham Tutor Company we assist learners of all ages with their qualifications. For those who are wanting to enter teaching, the key qualifications are the GCSE equivalency tests. These tests are mainly aimed at the people who are wanting to do midwifery, a PGCE or nursing but are also used for entry [...]

31 May

Functional Skills Courses

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We at the Birmingham Tutor Company assist students in advancing and progressing in their studies. The functional skills courses are becoming a very popular option for those who are in need of qualifications for jobs or to enter further education. These qualifications that consist of Maths and English courses are equivalent to GCSEs, which is [...]

14 Apr

GCSE Maths Revision Cards

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Here at Birmingham tutors our aim is to support all students in their learning of maths, english and sciences. This article will be more focused on the maths side. Over the last few years of developing revision materials, they are becoming more and more accessible for everyone. They are being designed specifically to break down [...]

15 Mar

Functional Skills Level 2 in London

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Brimingham tutor company is a service that offers Functional Skills Level 2 to all students and learners of any age. At Birmingham tutor company, there is an abundance of tutors ready to offer their support in the subjects of Maths, English and all Sciences of the Functional Level 2 qualifications. The support offered within these [...]

8 Feb

Entry Level 3 Maths

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Here at Birmingham Tutor Company, our goal is to ensure all of our students are given the support and help they need to progress through the Functional Skills maths qualifications. Some learners may be asked to study entry level 3 maths before they move onto the Functional Skills exams.   The entry level 3 maths [...]