Birmingham Tutor Company helps people to prepare for City and Guilds functional skills exams. One of the ways that we help people prepare for their City and Guilds Functional Skills exams is through the revision materials we provide. With the help from our partners at MME, we have assembled a large amount of past papers for you to use, free of charge. These past papers were previously used as actual exams, and are now used to get an idea of what the papers are going to be like. There are over 20 past papers for you to use on the MME website, varying in both level and subject.

The City and Guilds Functional Skills exams that MME provide are an alternative option to that of the normal functional skills exam. This option is for those who specifically need a qualification awarded by City and Guilds, or just those who have a preference as to who awards them their qualification. The City and Guilds qualification is the same level as other functional skills, the equivalent of a GCSE in a given subject, and covers a lot of the same type of content in the curriculum as other functional skills exams. Of course, you are free to choose which exam board you would like to sit with on the MME website, so make sure that the exam board you choose fits your needs.

MME also offer varying levels of the City and Guilds Functional Skills exams. You have the option of choosing either Maths or English, as well as either level 1 or 2. These options are once again available to you to suit your needs, so be sure to select the ones that suit you best.

With all that’s on offer from both us and MME, you should have everything you need to pass your exams.