Birmingham tutors company is a high quality tuition service based around Birmingham and surrounding areas, our vision is to provide high quality tuition to students around the world,  we provide courses for Maths, english and Science related subjects. Our teachers have clear objectives and expect students to succeed when preparing for their maths exam, a lot of hard work goes into getting up to date revision material and the same hard work goes into our functional skills exams. 


When learners gain a functional maths qualification it greatly increases the learners chances for employment and further education, like getting your dream job or desired university. Gaining a GCSE or equivalent in maths is a crucial qualification learners gain proving they have the knowledge and skill set to do maths at GCSE level. Here at Birmingham Tutor Company we have outstanding functional skills maths tutors who assist students in preparation for their exams. A reoccurring challenge that arises when learners take on this course is organizing revision material. A reliable resource to make revision more efficient is the functional skills maths level 2 revision cards


 functional skills revision cards  Aim to provide learners with confidence and fluency when revising for their maths exams. With these revision cards comes a full explanation categorized into coloured coded themes that simplifies revision material for the learner. Note taking can be very hard to organize as it depends on how the information is presented to the learner, with MME revision cards it takes away the need to make notes so when the learner wants to revise they have a well organized pack of cards with updated information essential for exam preparation. With each pack of cards comes a question on the back improving each learner by further testing their knowledge and building on subject memory, making MME revision cards an essential tool for learners to have during exam preparation.