Here at Birmingham Tutor Company, our goal is to ensure all of our students are given the support and help they need to progress through the Functional Skills maths qualifications. Some learners may be asked to study entry level 3 maths before they move onto the Functional Skills exams.


The entry level 3 maths revision materials we advise using include everything that a teacher and student need to know to teach and learn the course contents. All of the topic areas are set out clearly in a large table on one page. This provides quick access to the topics and the links to all the relevant resources are displayed. The resources include revision notes, model solutions and practice questions. On the main revision page, learners can find worksheet questions along with the mark scheme. These are one of the most important revision materials as they give an insight into what the examiners are asking for when you take the exam. The mark scheme will also show how to gain more marks which is crucial to a learners success. 


When the online entry level 3 maths resources have been completed then learners may want to start the entry level past papers. These past papers give another view of what the exam will be like to make sure you’re not left in the dark before you sit your exam.Once learning has finished these papers and are consistently getting the pass grade we advise that they book their entry level exam. After entry level, the Functional Skills exams are able to be taken. The first level of Functional Skills is advised by colleges to be taken after the entry level but learners are able to move straight into level 2. At Birmingham Tutors, we make sure all of our learners are supported with their Functional Skills needs.