Here at the Birmingham Tutor Company we assist learners of all ages with their qualifications. For those who are wanting to enter teaching, the key qualifications are the GCSE equivalency tests. These tests are mainly aimed at the people who are wanting to do midwifery, a PGCE or nursing but are also used for entry to other courses at specific Universities. The GCSE equivalency tests are also a great option for the international students who do not have a GCSE grade C in maths, science or English and are wanting to go through teacher training. A great thing about the tests is that they are made through benchmarking against major GCSE exam board specifications like Edexcel and AQA. The difference being that they are adjusted to make them easier to study and taken in a shorter time frame in comparison to GCSE.


While there are many providers of GCSE equivalency tests, only two are accepted by all of the major Universities. We will always recommend going with the two main providers for this with A star Equivalency being at the top of our list. All the instructions and details for the exam will be sent before your exam day through email so you know what to do and what to expect. A great thing about these exams is that you can take it from the comfort of your own home through online invigilation and the results will be in within 2 weeks. Also that the exam can be taken 6 days a week at various different times of the day to fit into the busy schedule that you may have ahead. To round everything up, a certificate will be given to the people who have passed. Each certificate will have a code that is unique to each person to verify the qualifications.


While we assist all learners in their preparation for the exams, going through the course content to identify strengths and weaknesses is something that we also do before proceeding. If the support you need is one on one learning then we are happy to assist you with that. The tutors we have that cover many of the different subjects would be more than happy to help.